Mawani Company for Mining is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality Calcium Carbonate in Egypt and the Middle east. Our four production lines are capable of producing 150,000 tones of different Calcium carbonate grades annually.

All of our products are produced from specially selected limestones of high purity and whiteness. Our limestone comes from our quarry in the famous Al-Minya city which is known by its vast area of ancient limestone quarries. All of our products have a minimum of 97% whiteness which could be essential in some industrial applications.

In order to provide the highest calcium carbonate quality to our clients, our products are passing by two quality assurance stages (pre-production and quality control during manufacturing. our factory able to supply both uncoated & coated calcium carbonate .



Content CaCO3 99 % MIN
Content MgCO3 0.20 % MAX
Content Fe2O3 0.03 % MAX
Content AL2O3 0.04 % MAX
Content SiO2 0.01 % MAX
Content Na2O 0.05 % MAX
Content CaO 56.06% MAX
L.O.I 43.89 % MAX
Whiteness 97 % MIN (DIN 6174)
Refractive Index 1.59 %
Humidity 0.2 % MAX
Hardness (Mohs) 3.00
Density of CaCO3 2.730 g/cm3
PH 9 (ISO 787/9 )
Oil Absorption 26.0 ml/100g (ISO 787/5 )
Bulk Density 0.5 g/ml (ISO 787/11)


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Head Office : 47 Shorta tower – Al -Aml District – Maadi – Cairo , Egypt .

Email : info@mawani.net

Tel :  +20 11 5000 9129

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